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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Import Thunkable aia file and Export as APK for Play Store Publishing

All aia files are presented in this extension e.g playgame.aia. Now that you have aia file source app what next?

How to Import Thunkable AIA File

First thing, you need to do is to import the file in Thunkable. Log in to thinkable with your Gmail using the link http://app.thunkable.com/
Depending on your connections, sometimes, it may appear blank page, just don’t worry, and refresh the page again. 

Once you have logged in,
1-At the top, click on App
2-Click upload app aia project aia from my computer.
Now, you have your project in thinkable and ready to be modified as you want it.
Good, you are done with all the modifications including other things like changing app version code, App Icon etc. The app is ready to be published.

Export Thunkable APK File to Your Computer

The final thing to do is to export your APK file to your computer.
1-At the top click on Export
2-Click Save apk file to my computer.
You may also want to rename your apk.

Now, head straight to play store to publish your app.You don’t know how to? Follow this guide How to Publish on Play Store.
Good luck.