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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How to Generate Signed APK in Android Studio

You have completed your project in android studio and it’s time to upload the APK file to play store console. You will have to generate the signed APK for this purpose because is what is required in playstore console.

Ensure that you keep the jsk file and your password because this is what you will use should you want to update or make changes to your apps.So, it’s important that your save keep this two information.

The process to generate signed apk is very simple and straight forward. Let’s get started.

You can also watch the Video Guide

Step 1-Click on Build

Step 2-Click on Generate Signed APK
Step 3-Click on Create New

Step 4-On the key Store Path click the icon on right to choose the destination folder where you want to the jsk file to be stored.

Step 5-Now click on another Icon as shown below and choose desktop. I usually like to select desktop to send my jks.You can choose any destination folder of your choice.

Step 6-Type the file Name
Step 7- Carefully provide all the information, Password, Alias etc. and click next.

Step 8- Make sure at least one of the signature is selected and click finish which is the final step to generate signed APK file in android studio.

Remember to keep

One- Your jsk file
Two- Your Password and off course
Three Your Source File .I mean your Project file.