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Friday, January 4, 2019

How to Display android app icon Home Screen in Android Studio

Before you publish your app on play store, you want to make sure everything is perfectly ok before you roll out. One of those things is android App Icon.App icons are those icons that you see on your phone home screen when you just open up your phone. Those icons are graphically designed. If you are good in graphic works, you won’t have any problem designing astonish icon for your project .Most people focused on developing their app and leave the graphic works to an expert designers.

In case you are thinking where to get graphic designers for your work, visit fiver or upwork.There, you will find cheap work with amazing high qualities.
The purpose of this post is not to teach you graphic works or how to design android app icons but to show you how you can have your android App icon shows up on home screen phone using android studio during your app development. Follow the below steps to get you app icon display on phone home screen.

Step 1- Get your 45X45 pixel image Icon ready. Let me talk about few things here. Though, android actually requires 45X45 pixel, from my experience, I noticed 45x45px icon usually get blurred on home screen.
I don’t know if this is only happen with me, yours could be different. So, I do is to design 100x100px .Android will automatically adjust it to 45x45 px with good resolution when displayed on phone home screen.

Step 2- save the icon on your desktop computer, save it with lower case, don’t use cap letter or dot.you can also save in this format  icon_image.

Step 3- Copy the icon and paste it in mipmap folder. You can locate mipmap folder from RES.
Step 4- Head to manifest and locate this line of code

Replace ic_launcher with your icon name and Run your project .Now you got your icon on the home screen of your phone.