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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Telos App let You Make Free Calls, Text free messages to anyone in the World

I stumble upon this app, it’s amazing to see app that can let you do absolutely calling and texting for free and I decided to let some of you who may not have known about Telos app to tap into it and make use of this awesome free app features to your advantage.

Telos app is not only design for app to app calls, you can call any one phone who does not have the App.He or she does have to have the applications to receive text or receive calls. So, one user with the application can call the other person without the application.

Some Key Features

Free Text
If your business depends on Text and you run out Text, you can Use Telos App to send unlimited free Text Messages to anyone anywhere in the world. It really cool messaging platform you should give it a try.

Free Calls
With Telos apps, Call free to anyone in the world no matter the location. You can make Landlines and mobile calls to any country of your choice in the world.
Remember, Telos-to-Telos calls are free, even internationally! 
Or, you can use Telos credits to make low-cost international calls even free calls to anywhere in the world.

Telos app platform gives you the opportunity get real US phones numbers in any areas of your choice. You don’t need to go through local providers to get phones numbers and probably paying high price to get numbers, With Telos App, you can get this for free.
Phones numbers are also available for other countries, not limited to US.
Other Things you need to know about this apps
·       Phone number on Telos App without the need of getting an extra SIM card. And there are no monthly plans or hidden fees.

·       Receive calls and texts on your iPad/tablet
make free calls over WiFi or data connection
Send free SMS to any mobile phones
·       A Telos phone number is a real mobile phone number so it can do exactly the same things as a cell phone number from your phone company

·       It can receive calls and texts from any person

·       You can use the new phone number as the contact number for your bank accounts, utilities and websites

·       It can even be ported out to your phone company if you like

·       Set up voicemail and auto reply messages

·       Block unwanted calls & messages

·       Set up call forwarding to any landline and mobile

Users comment about this app
Does this app really offer what they claimed? One thing that is not clear if this app really giving out exactly what they promised after seeing users comment makes me doubt but it worth giving it a try.

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