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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Subaru Teases Special Edition WRX for the States

It always seems when Subaru unveiled a special edition WRX, the car isn’t coming to the US. This makes us sad. Subaru is finally including the fans in the States with a teaser of a special edition WRX.

The assumption is that this car will be the WRX STI S209. A WRX STI S208 was a Japanese exclusive last year. The teaser that Subaru offers shows the vehicle running the track at Virginia International Raceway. A reveal and details are promised for the Detroit Auto Show.
The reason the car is expected to be called the S209 is a trademark application that turned up a few days ago listing that name. Subaru wrote, “something special from Subaru Tecnica International is coming to America for the first time ever.”