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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sinmo App Let You Pay for Wages of Sin.

I was borne and brought up in a Christian way and we believed that only and only Jesus Christ of Nazareth has the power to forgive sins. So, I am sure you will be shocked if I say there is an app called Sinmo which claimed that wages of sin can be paid by cash. 
As per sinmo app, wages of sins is no more death, just exchange for cash and you are cleaned again. As per the video bellow, God will inseminate your phone with this app.
If really Sinmo was for real, what will people then think about our creator, especially our Lord Jesus whom I believed that he alone can forgive sins?

Thankfully, this could just be a joke or something as I have made some search and can’t find it anywhere even on Play store. Probably, it’s available for IOS users?  IOS users can check it out for verifications.
My stand remains that only lord Jesus that can tell you: you are clean, go and sin no more. He will say it authoritatively without exchanging it with cash or kind.
Giving your life to Christ is the sure way to salvation and forgiveness of sins which you can achieve using this simple Salvation Prayer Points App available on play store.