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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New Airtel Download Bundle: Good News for Heavy Download Users- 1GB for N350

Data is everything, few days ago, I posted about cheap Data plan from Mighty Data, I am very much sure that you will definitely welcome anything promo that has to do with cheap data plan. In case you are not aware, Glo has unveiled 1.2GB for just N200 naira only which mean it is possible to use 12GB for N2000 monthly.

Their rival Airtel is competing hard to maintain its own customer’s and are well known for giving out amazing Data bonuses .This time, Airtel Download plan has to do with downloading anything downloadable. You could download movies, music,books etc. If you are a heavy download user, I think this might just be an opportunity for you.

What is The Code for Airtel Download Bundle?

With N350 you are given 1GB which has one day Validity. This offer is just for 24 hours .You can get this Airtel Download Bundle by Dialing this code. Dial *141*354#

You already know about the 1GB for N500 offer which Valid for 7 days, this is good if you are not planning to download or you are not that type of heavy download user. But if you have a whole lots of stuff to download, quickly grab Airtel Download Bundle. 

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