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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How to Publish Android App on Play Store-Easy Steps

If you haven’t published an app before on play store, it could be very confusing and complicated as per what exactly information you are to fill out but once you have done it right the first time, subsequent Rollout will be quite easy.

I actually asked lots of questions from my mentor before I got it right the first time, maybe you are reading this and having same issue, don’t worry I have taken my time to make the steps very easy to follow.

First thing, you have to visit https://developer.android.com to Create an account.

To be able to publish an app on play store, you have to make a onetime payment of $25 and you can publish as many apps as you want.
If you already have Gmail account, once you visit the link, it will automatically singed you in ,you have to make payment before you have access to the console section and publish your apps.

So let get started

From the image above, all the four check icons on the left have to turn green upon successful completion of each steps.

STEPS 1-Store Listing

A-Title-Your App Name
B-Short description – type your Short Decryption about your App
C-Full description-Here you type the full description about your app
D-Brows-Min 3 App Screenshot- Make a screenshot of the app.Minimum of 3 screenshot is required
E-Hi-res icon-512 x 512- Put your graphic banner icon
F-Feature Graphic 1024 x 500- Put your graphic banner icon
G-Application type –Select if Application or game
J-Privacy Policy

STEPS -2- App Release

A-Production-Click Manage
C-click Confirm
D-Browse- Put APK
E-What's new in this release?-Can put your app name

STEP 3- Content Rating Questionnaire

A-Put Your Email
B-Select all Category
C-Calculate Rating
D--Apply Rating

STEP 4 -Pricing and Distribution

A-Select Available Country
B-Primarily Child-Directed
C-Contains ads- Choose if your App contains ads or not
D-check Content guidelines
E-Check US export laws

Go back to Step 2 -App Release
A-Edith Release
C-Start Rollout to Production---- Done

Once you have click on Rollout out to Production, app is submitted for publication. Wait some hours for approval before it goes life on play store.

Congratulation, you have just Rollout your app for publication.