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Monday, December 31, 2018

Android Studio:How to change App Name,App Version and App Package ID

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to Change App Name, Change App Version and change app Package name in android studio.
Why is this important to learn, most of the time, you may have a source code from other developers and you want to make the app yours, you have to make those changes to completely claim ownership of the app.Aside changing the above three, you could also change other things like theme color and background color depending on what you want. But this post is focusing on changing the above mentioned three.

How to Change App name
After your source code is successfully loaded in your android studio, to change your App name, follow the steps bellow.
On Manifest, You can Change your App name. Just locate Android: Label
Another way you can change your app name is going through String
Click RES –Value-String. There, you can change your app name.

How to Change App Version
Changing the app version is also not difficult.
You can change app version from Build.Gradle App
You must increment the VersionCode and the VersionName
If your version code is for example 1, increase it to 2.
If your version Name 1.0, you may increase to 2.0

How to Change Package Name
You can change package name, from same Build.gradle App.Once you are on the build.gradle app, locate applicationId. The package name look something like this mytest.app.myapplication. So change it to whatever name you want.

 We have just done with first stage to changing the Package Name. So, complete the second stage.

To finalize the change which is the second stage, Click on Java, Click your App, then at the top, there is an icon that looks like settings, you can check image bellow, click it and deselect Compact Empty Middle Packages.

The reason for deselecting this is to break the package name into three so that you can see clearly and make change accordingly as you can see in the diagram bellow.

Now, to change all the three names, right click on each of the name, click Refactor, click Rename and then click rename package. If asked for further to Do Factor click it. Done
Note. You are going to do this process for each of the Package name by right clicking on each and repeat the same process to change all.