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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Huawei Voice Assistant Coming Internationally to Compete with it rival Google and Amazon’s Alexa.

Huawei have plans to roll out its Voice assistance which at the moment only operate locally within china to an international market .We believed this will in no doubt be a challenge to their competitors like Amazon and google who already have solid and dependable Voice assistants globally.
 In this age of advance technology, Voice assistance is very importance. Just in case, you are not aware, there are many Voice Assistance in today’s market but the most popular ones are Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistance, Siri and Cortana. Siri and Cortana do not support many device but the Google and Amazon do support many device. The main gist here is, China also is making move to come internationally with its own Voice Assistance.
Will They Find It Easy to Come out of China?
Huawei seems to be silence when it comes to Voice Assistance, they do actually have Voice Assistance but what makes them lags is due to regional barriers or limitations .Huwaei have Xiaoyi Voice Assistant but only available and works within China. They have realized the ever high demand and popularity and are now making move to make it worldwide.
Trust, Huawei have to solidify their plans haven’t known that their major rival is Google and amazon .Google and Amazon have strongly tightening  their position and have better and dependable Voice assistance, so Huawei have a lots of work to do. The actual date to which it will arrival to an international arena is not known for now as CEO refrained from revealing any scheduled release date details.
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