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Friday, November 2, 2018

How to Print from Android Phone to Your Network Printer:Using Google Cloud Printer App

When it comes to printing docs from my  home printer, there are several options to consider, you could print through Bluetooth, or WIFI if your printer has this feature enabled. But what if your printer has none of these enabled? Or you are a tech guru and you simply like to print through Google Cloud Enabled Printer.
If your Network Printer does not support Bluetooth or WIFI, you have nothing to worry about, this guide will show you how to setup your printer to print from Google Cloud from your android phone.
What You Need
1 Your Printer has to be a network printer connected to internet
2 You should have Google account
Note: Not all printer support cloud printing, just be sure you have the one that support Google Cloud Printer.
First thing, using your computer, add your printer to Google Cloud by following bellow steps.

1.     Launch Google Chrome on your computer.
2.     Log in to Google Chrome if you’re not automatically logged in.
3.     Click the Menu button (represented by an icon showing three horizontal lines or three little dots if you’re running a Chromebook) at the upper-right corner of the window.
4.     Select Settings.
5.     Click Show advanced settings.
6.     Scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section and click Manage.
7.     Click Add Printers
8.     You will be taken to a shortlist of all available printers. Just check the ones you want to add, click Add Printers. It should detect your printer, and the task is done.
Congratulation, you are done with adding the printer to your Google Cloud, time to print from your android phone.
Some android phone comes with Google cloud printer app, while some don’t, .If your phone does not have the Build in cloud printer app, you can download it from play store.Just search Cloud Print. And download the App.Just make sure, your chrome account on your phone is the same account with the one you added the printer using computer above.
Now follow bellow steps to print from your phone
1.     Open a document you’d like to print (this can be anything from Google Drive docs to pictures saved on your phone).
2.     Select the Menu button (the three dots in the top right corner).
3.     Click Print, and it will take you to a new page.
4.     Click the down arrow that sits just to the right of Save as PDF.
5.     Select the printer you want print from. If you can’t find it off the bat, click the All printers… to get a list of every printer you have connected.
6.     Once you’re all set, click the print button (the light blue circle that looks like a printer).
Hope that was helpful.

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