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Friday, November 2, 2018

How to Manually Update Apps on NVIDIA Shield TV

Though,NVIDIA Shield TV  has a Google Play Store which are usually updated automatically so you may not have to really  bother about update since it happened at the background.

But it,s not a bad idea to know how you can manually update the app on your NVIDIA Shield TV.There are few things I would like to point out here .Though, the Update is not happening all the time, but once it roll out, try to update it so you won’t miss out important latest features or fix bugs.
Again, not all update are friendly, just in case anything goes wrong like its affecting the smooth performance you normally have, just follow the same process to uninstall the update which you have just installed.

So, let’s begin the steps to manually update your NVIDIA Shield TV

Step one. From the Shield home screen, launch the Google Play Store and scroll down to MY Apps

Step Two. Here, if there is any update to any apps you have installed, it will be listed here. All you just need to do is select Update All if you want to update all or select the particular app you want and select Update.

Step Three. You may need to accept app permissions before installing.Its that simple

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