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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Awesome Prayer Points App

This app contains an Amazing Christian Prayer Point you will ever need as a Christian to improve your spiritual life and battle against the powers of this worlds. For effective spiritual result, use them daily. Take this prayer points very serious especially Going to Sleep prayers and

Early morning prayers. 
Going to Sleep Prayers is a powerful tools that destroy the Dark Warriors, be prepared because the night warriors will surely come to try the Lord but will never succeed.

In this Christian Prayer Points app,Early Morning Prayers also a very Good one to start your days and commit yourself to the God protection because you do not know what will cross your path on this day.

Here are hot other prayers on the list. as time goes,we will add more
Destroying the Spirit of Fear
Prayers Against Stagnancy
Prayers a
Against Evil Dreams
Prayers for Marriages
Financial Breakthrough Prayers
Prayer Before Traveling
Good Health Prayers
Forgiveness Prayer
Break Generational Curses
Fruit of the Womb Prayers