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Friday, November 30, 2018

7 Android APPs That Can Earn You Money in 2019

Just exactly what the tittle above says is what you will get from these app if you take your time and go through it .Many out there,their aims is to scam people but this apps do what they promise. Don’t expect to make millions over time, no online system will make you rich over night but with consistent work and effort, it worth trying, it just a way of adding some extra buck to your earning .Some of these App offers simple job task than others. It worth trying them out as long as the eligibility status does not affect you.

1 iPoll
With this Application, you just need to complete 10 to 20 minute surveys. When you download the App,the app will match you to the right future surveys base on the information you provided during the registration. Some surveys you completed pay $1 while some pays higher than that, if you need more earning keep completing the surveys available for you. You can claim you money after it reaches $35.

2. Swagbucks
This App allow you to earn accumulated point which you can use it to redeem gift card from major stores like Target, Aamzon and Walmart or for Paypal cash.Swagbuck has paid out large amount of rewards. You can earn this point by simply doing thing like, Completing surveys, Watching Videos, Shopping using the App, referring friends and entering fun Contest through Social Media.

3. Slidejoy
Just allow this App to display advertisement on your android device and you get paid between $5 to $15. This is based on CNET Report. The earning is not really much as you would expect because it simplest way to earning without stress. Whenever you turn on your phone, you will card advert with news, you can slide left to learn more about it, slide up to see another card or slide right to use your phone as normal

4. Pact
This App help you earn just by simply achieving your fitness and health goal. You have to set up a goal you want to achieve on your health exercise. After downloading the app on your phone, you can earn around 30 cent to $5 per week for achieving your goal result but this is as a result of the numbers of completed activities. Don’t think that your activity will not be verified, with GPS Coordinate, your activity is verified and if for any reason you fail to complete your activity, you will have to pay up.

5. BookScouter
You have an old book you don’t use it anymore? You can make money with it just by selling it. Download this app register with your email .Scan and enter the barcode number to compare price from website that deal on buyback books. Select your preferred buy and ship your book. Be sure you are eligible to participate.

Apptrailers app allow you to watch trailers of new app on your android phones and you get paid for it.You start to earn at point 500 which is equivalent to 50 cent .You can redeem it with gift cards or claim the cash via amazon as per Dailybucks.info.You can also upload videos and get like and earn money doing just that.

What is your favorite brand? Do you like taking pictures? You can make money taking picture and sharing other content on social media and you get paid for doing that .Their payout start at $10 which you can withdraw through paypals.There is a report that over $100,000 have been earn through this App.

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